About 180 Degrees

an fineart based social platform

180 Degrees defines itself as a social platform with an express goal of empowering artists of Bangladesh with efficacious tools to connect with both the local and the global artscene and to promote art as social business. in the same vein it makes it a prerogative to arouse the slumbering art market into being a socially supportive and sustainable force to leverage art in a way that helps nourish and manifest the potentials of change and growth that points to new beginnings. We are awere that many a talented artist veers awayinto other fields to eke out a living compromising their passion for art. Moreover, an art market that has shown a steady decline over recent years doesvery little to encourage artists to try and break new grounds and experiments with style and techniques in search of a language of their own. 180 Degrees, with the support of like-minded people and organizations working with similar goals, seeks to initiate programmes andevent to advantage the artists.


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